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Clarotech is an IT infrastructure company specialising in providing consulting, support and procurement services to both small and large businesses. Founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced IT professionals, the company was created out of a need by end-users for a resource that could be trusted and relied upon for unbiased, accurate consulting and reliable on-going support. With a diversity of skills in different operating systems and networking technologies, Clarotech could be described as a virtual IT department, providing its clients with access to supplemental skills in areas where clients are not self-sufficient. A key feature of Clarotech's work is the provision of a suite of proactive services designed to maximise the uptime of clients' IT systems. The core methodology incorporates real-time monitoring and periodic disaster recovery testing of critical systems. This translates into an ability to predict and resolve potential problems prior to failure and to being able to rapidly recover in the event of any unforeseen failure. To achieve the goal of providing a true consulting service, a decision was made at the time of Clarotech's inception to differentiate itself from its competitors by not selling hardware or software products. It was felt that if Clarotech were to profit from product revenues or if it were not to maintain vendor independence, it would severely compromise the authenticity of any consulting provided. Clarotech's clients are assured that they are the only ones to benefit when they receive a recommendation to purchase particular hardware and software products. By sitting on the "same side of the fence" as its clients when it comes to procurement, by informing and enlightening its clients through consulting services, and by educating its clients through openly sharing know-how on support matters, Clarotech truly empowers clients in all spheres of IT infrastructure. Clarotech is more than simply a "service provider", it is a "service partner"; actively involved in a close working partnership with its clients' IT departments.

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