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The key to your recruitment solutions!

We do on-line recruitment! Permanent, Part-time and Contract placements nationally.

‘Passion is what drives us and is evident in every aspect of the dynamic service we offer!’

About Us:
Dymasize Placements has been busy building relationships with candidates across South Africa since 2012. Due to our unwavering determination and zest for placing the right people in the right position at the right organisation and at the right time, we currently have a large candidate database to commence employment – much to the delight of the employers we render our services to.

We provide professional and quality service to clients and candidates who are passionate about their businesses and careers alike.

Our Services:

Good employees are difficult to find and keep. At Dymasize Placements we believe that the people you select today will either contribute to your organisation’s future growth and success or begin to erode the pillars on which your business has been built on.

The best way to reduce employee turnover is to have a recruitment partner who ensures that new people fit in with your business culture and that what the business has to offer fits the people recruited. As it requires special insight, skill and experience to hook the best resources, it pays to use experts who will get you the right people you need!

We don’t simply place individuals at prestigious organisations; we make a positive contribution to the working class of South Africa.
We’re so in touch with what employers need that we’re able to place staff within 24 to 48 hours!

Get in touch with us and let us lift the burden of recruitment from you.
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Recruiter of sector Human Resources, located inKwaZulu-Natal, From 11 to 50 workers
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