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Keystone Associates offers a bursting collection of HR related processes A HR department accomplishes a crucial role in any company, yet few companies find it viable to institute a self-sufficient HR department. The Keystone Associate’s HR Model was intended with this in mind and purpose is to provide a full collection of HR processes and services to companies on an outsourcing basis. In addition to flexible HR outsourcing services, Keystone Associates offers HR services including HR Re-engineering and Business Re-alignment, Specialised Compensation, compiling HR Metrics and Statistics and assistance in BBBEE. 1.Keystone Associates modeling HR Outsourcing – Full Time & Part Time Keystone Associates understands that it is not always viable and practically possible for companies to assign an HR practitioner. This is why Keystone Associates’ HR Model offers HR services on flexible outsourcing terms. HR Services can be accessible through a full-time HR Consultant, Temporary HR Consultants or part-time HR Consultants, subject to the HR requirements of the company. Companies are able to benefit from service level agreements where Keystone Associates offers HR services on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. By leveraging the services of HR experts at Keystone Associates, companies are able to improve documentation, clarify and enforce expectations and policies and also improve employee job satisfaction and performance. Services offered by Keystone on an outsource basis include i.Professional recruitment, applicant screening, interviewing and placement services ii.HR Audits iii.HR Administration iv.Employee Policy and Procedure Manuals v.Job description and job grading vi.Job evaluation vii.HR mentoring and training viii.Performance Management ix.Workplace Behaviour Assessment x.Disciplinary and Grievance Handling and Trade Union Matters xi.Legislative reports such Employment Equity, Work Place Skills Plan and Annual Training Report xii.Sub-Contracting of labour and Payroll 2.Keystone Associates HR Re-engineering and Business Re-alignment Keystone provides HR Business Process Re-engineering services to help organisations to redefine workflows and processes in order to streamline these processes, while cutting operational costs. By cutting the time spent on essential business processes, companies are able to invest more time in developing their business offering and improving customer service. In this way, Business Process Re-engineering helps companies gain a competitive and economical advantage. Keystone Associates focuses exclusively on Human Resources Processes in the work place. The team is able to analyse a company’s workflow and processes to detect those which are disconnected as well as areas where processes can be restructured. Through HR Business Process Re-Engineering, Keystone Associates are able to help companies improve teamwork, increase productivity, manage diversity, reduce costs and implement organisational change. 3.Outsourced Compensation Processes Companies that are not able to employ a payroll expert can benefit from Outsourced Compensation services from Keystone Associates. Services offered by Keystone Associates include reviewing a company’s remuneration policies as well as developing and implementing any required changes. Keystone Associates will also assist the company to communicate these changes clearly, ensuring that all employees understand the impact of these changes. Experts at Keystone Associates can also evaluate and redefine job descriptions as well as analyses company structures against market data. 4.HR Metrics Keystone Associates provides HR analytics that allow HR practitioners to demonstrate the impact of their processes and initiatives on business outcomes. Through HR metrics and analysis, companies can gain insight into the effect of their HR processes and workflows. This allows companies to redirect money wasted on employee initiatives that bring no benefit. Using analytics, businesses can measure the outcomes of their investments. Companies can also use HR metrics and analytics to hold HR departments accountable for their impact on the bottom-line. 5.BROAD BASED BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Having seen the impact of strategic actions in your selected areas of the score card, we can assist with the development of action plans to ensure that the goals are met for each pillar. We see this as a critical part of business strategy for all companies and can assist / consult in terms of the following BBBEE Pillars Codes: i.Training and Development: Compiling of Workplace Skills Plans, submission of Annual training Programs and management of planned and unplanned training ventures to ensure maximum payback of Skills levies paid to respective SETA’s. ii.Employment Equity: Compile Annual Employment Equity Reports. EE goals and targets will be in line with strategic company expectations and submission of annual EE reports to ensure maximum points. iii.Social

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