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We are a “hands on” group of Architectural Designers whose passion is architecture. Our primary areas of design and expertise lie in residential architecture, but also extends to residential developments and commercial buildings. Residential architecture is always personal; a reflection and an extension of who you are. Creating a space around you, rather than creating a space for you in it. Keeping abreast with the latest trends, technologies, and finishes is of utmost importance to us. Having said that, we believe that a house, or any structure for that matter, should always attempt to harmonize with nature, rather than overpower it. Where possible, we try to retain existing indigenous vegetation and integrate the house into the natural surroundings. This is where architectural style becomes such an important element. Too often we are fixated with a certain building style, and try to replicate that at any cost. Consequently, aesthetic and eco-friendly values may be abandoned, and the end result is an impersonal, commercialized “off the shelf” product. In essence, this is our philosophy and work ethos. We deal with individuals with varying tastes and personalities. It is essential that the designer and the client work together as a team with a shared vision. This is the key to achieving a desirable end-product. We work in close collaboration with various other design industries, providing a full spectrum of expertise, including marketing material, 3-dimensional imagery, interior and landscaping design.

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