Structural Engineering

As a civil engineer specialise in structural

engineering, we have keen insight into

foundation and footing design, composite

columns and beams, slab design, timber

frames, and certification.

Roadway & Traffic Engineering

We engineer roadway design, traffic impact

and trip generation studies, traffic maintenance

and roadway improvement plans, intersection

design and analysis, and pedestrian paths.

Storm water Engineering

At Howard Civil Engineering, we provide

stormwater modeling and flood studies,

stormwater inspection and certification

as well as erosion prevention.

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Just call us Oceanus as we specialise in

water distribution, wastewater collection

systems, pump station design, and conduct

a pressure analysis.

Earthworks Engineering

Need some Earth moved? Our Earthworks

engineers provide cut and fill calculations

among other specialties to ensure we clear

the way.

Building / Maintenance
From 51 to 200 workers

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