Our mission is as simple today as it was thirty plus years ago: Bringing great people and great organizations together. This drive to connect people and make them successful is what we mean when we say — our people are everything.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of ISICATHULO's core values and core pillars of our business. Through diversity and inclusion initiatives we increase our effectiveness, leverage our strategic advantages and maximize our ability to service our customers. Learning from, and leveraging, the differences that make our workplace, workforce and marketplace unique is critical to our success.

People bring more to their jobs than just a few words on a piece of paper. They bring a collection of their skills, passions, personalities and experiences. ISICATHULO brings great people and great organizations together by listening to and understanding our clients’ business needs and people’s career aspirations. Hear our customers' stories.

From 501 to 1000 workers