We specializes in commercial and domestic property solutions, which include a wide variety of general building repairs and maintenance services. These services are performed by a team of professionals under supervision and we pride ourselves in delivering fast and efficient repairs of the highest standard to properties in the whole of South Africa.Anchor Maintenance is a KZN-based specialist in the Construction and Maintenance industry dedicated to providing excellent services, supplies and advice. Drawing on its base of experienced and skilled labour as well as up-to-date equipment and other material resources. We are able to deliver quality service expeditiously and seamlessly. Building Construction, Maintenance and Consulting are the core of our business. It is the goal of the company to achieve a greater reputation for quality and on time delivery than the current competitors. We maintain high integrity on all promised timelines and quality assurances.

Services include Roof seal, Ceilings, Painting,Constructions, Plumbing including unblocking of drains. We also specialize in wall-to-wall carpets, laminated flooring, Hard Flooring and Vinyl flooring.

Building / Maintenance
From 11 to 50 workers