An integrated green strategy is being disseminated throughout the group, led by Group

Five’s Green Team representing each sector of the business. Recycling and sound waste

management practices are encouraged at all the group’s offices.


All employees on the group’s sites are sensitised to the controlled and efficient use of all

resources and especially the conservative use of water and electricity as well as other natural

resources, whilst minimising waste through recycling. Adherence to stringent regulations

protecting the environment are a minimum to executing business.


Renewable energy

Is actively participating in the renewable energy sector in various target

geographical areas.

Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA)

GBCSA, a non-profit organisation that encourages the design of energy-efficient buildings,

uses a Green Star Rating tool to measure the sustainability and efficiency of a building.

As a gold founding member, Group Five was involved in the development of the Green Star

Building / Maintenance
From 51 to 200 workers

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