STHECWAKA HOLDINGS is a civil engineering construction company that specialise in raft foundation construction and other concrete related works. The company provides a contracting turnkey service for design, construction and completion of various types of reinforced raft foundations and concrete structures.

Our plant has grown through the years to include Rollers, TLB’s, Ditch Witches, Trenchers, Small Excavators, Telly handlers and Augers. This ensures that quality and delivery is the drive force for our success.

The main focus of our team from 2000 up to now, have predominantly been raft foundations for various Residential Townhouses & Estates, affordable / Low cost housing, Office Blocks and Shopping Centres.

Sthecwaka construction quality workmanship

Strict Quality Monitoring on site to deliver a exceptional quality raft foundation on time with service excellence from our office department to site.

From 11 to 50 workers

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